Don't Face a Felony Charge on Your Own

Don't Face a Felony Charge on Your Own

Build your case with a defense lawyer in Carthage & Philadelphia, MS & all surrounding areas

When you're charged with a felony in Carthage, Mississippi, you can face significant penalties. Smith & Smith will work to reduce your charges and advocate for you in the courtroom. If you're being charged with a felony, a defense lawyer should be your first phone call.

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Have you been charged with a felony?

Being charged with a crime can result in serious consequences. Felonies and misdemeanors carry different penalties in court. Smith & Smith offers representation for clients facing felony or misdemeanor charges.

Some of the most common cases we see include:


  • Aggravated assault and battery
  • Distributing or manufacturing drugs


  • DUIs and DWIs
  • Violations of probation

Are you being charged with a felony? A defense lawyer in Carthage, Mississippi will fight for your rights in court. Make an appointment with a defense lawyer today by calling 601-267-5611.