You Could Remove Your Misdemeanor Conviction From Your Record

You Could Remove Your Misdemeanor Conviction From Your Record

File for expungement with help from a criminal defense lawyer in Carthage & Philadelphia, MS

You've paid a fine, completed court-ordered community service or spent time in jail, but now you're facing the stigma of having a misdemeanor on your record. Don't give up hope. You could remove the misdemeanor conviction from your criminal record through expungement.

Smith & Smith can help you navigate the complex process. In the Carthage, MS area, misdemeanor expungement involves...

  • Completing a petition for expungement
  • Filing paperwork with the proper court
  • Attending an expungement hearing
If this was your first offense, you might be eligible for misdemeanor expungement. Know for sure by talking to a criminal defense lawyer at Smith & Smith.

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