Were You Charged With a Misdemeanor?

Were You Charged With a Misdemeanor?

Talk to a misdemeanor attorney in Carthage, MS

Even misdemeanor charges can have serious consequences. If you're convicted, you could face jail time or owe large fines. Give yourself the best shot of getting reduced or dropped charges by working with an attorney from Smith & Smith in Carthage, MS. Your attorney will review all of the evidence and create a solid criminal defense.

Our legal team will make sure that you understand your charges and your legal options. Call now to schedule an appointment with a misdemeanor attorney.

Let us create your criminal defense

At Smith & Smith, we know that every case is different. That's why we tailor your defense to your exact situation. You can count on us to defend you against the following misdemeanor charges:

  • Theft
  • Simple assault
  • Vandalism
  • Reckless driving
  • Public intoxication
Your misdemeanor attorney will make sure the court hears your side of the story. Schedule a consultation today.