Don't Accept an Overly Harsh Penalty After Violating Probation

Don't Accept an Overly Harsh Penalty After Violating Probation

A probation violation attorney in Carthage, MS can stand up for you in court

Many convicted felons are allowed probation but sometimes violate their parole. If you have broken the limitations of your parole, turn to a probation violation attorney for assistance.

Smith & Smith can defend you in front of a judge to try and reach the best results possible. While you may end up with harsher penalties than you received for your first offense, a lawyer can work hard to reduce those consequences.

For probation violation assistance in Carthage, MS, look no further than Smith & Smith. Contact us today to begin working on your case.

What could happen if you violate probation

A wide range of legal ramifications could play out if you are charged with a probation violation. Just a few possibilities include:

  • A longer probation sentence
  • A return to jail for a longer period of time
  • A second chance to stay on probation

We'll do everything we can to get you back to your original probation and not face harsher penalties. Talk to a lawyer in Carthage, MS today about your probation issues.